Vermut Falset: Make it your own

Discover “vermouth time” and all the other ways to enjoy it.

Enjoy Vermut Falset!

Vermut Falset is an aperitif but you can drink it whenever you want and it is well known that some people take it as a digestive. We usually sip Vermut Falset along with some olives (Arbequines or stuffed with anchovies), potato chips and cockles in vinegar. Enjoy it also with any other canned seafood, a simple snack, savoury appetizers such Iberian ham or cheese croquettes and of course “tapas”. We recommend you to drink Vermut Falset on the rocks, with a spritz of soda water and a slice of orange. If you prefer to experience all the aromas take it just straight and chilled.

What is the vermouth?

Lets start from the beggining. Maybe you like vermouth but you don’t know exactly what it is. 
Vermouth is a wine fortified and aromatised with herbs, spices and other botanicals, one of them usually wormwood, an aromatic plant with a bitter taste.

We can classify vermouth in two ways: if it’s sweet, has more percentage of sugar; and if it’s dry, less sugar.

Another way to classify them is by its color: white or red.

The alcoholic content of vermouth is usually high, from 15 to 20% vol.

How do we make Vermut Falset?

We started our way into vermouths with white Vermut Falset, known for its original and hard to classify amber tone. The wine for this vermouth comes from our own vineyards of White Grenache and Macabeu, which are left to macerate with their skins.

Then we add an infusion (aged on oak for a year) that collects many of the herbs that fill the Mediterranean landscape of scent: thyme, rosemary, cotton lavender, pennyroyal…

But the most different step to get white Vermut Falset is that the big vat (33.000 liters) where is aged for almost two years has never been emptied in full for a 100 years!

Although being a sweet vermouth, what invades your mouth is a refreshing bitterness.

Red Vermut Falset it has the colour of a classic red wine made of Red Grenache and Carignan, also coming from our vineyards. In this case, the aging is made on barrels of 225 liters.

Even that the same botanics and sugar quantity are used, the first impression is its sweetness, comparing to the white one.

Well, it will be difficult to agree on which is better, so the best thing is having a bottle of each!

The best moments to drink Vermut Falset

The best moment to enjoy it are those moments of disconnection, especially at noon on Sunday and holidays. That previous hour, before lunch, in the terrace of a bar with friends or at home. There’s a catalan expression for that: “Fer el vermut” which it means “Do the vermouth”.

But, even if it is an aperitif, no one forbids you from having it at other times. In fact, there are people who takes it as a digestive after lunch or dinner. Or at the end of the day, alone at home, it’s also a perfect moment to enjoy it.

Where to find Vermut Falset

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Recipes with Vermut Falset

Vermut Falset is also a great ally in the kitchen, you will be surprised by the number of dishes that you can prepare with its help.

Learn about recipes, cocktails and pairings to lick your fingers.

A vermouth with more than 100 years of history

Vermut Falset comes from the main town of the Priorat county in Catalonia. Following a very old formula, we produce our vermouth in the modernist building designed by Cesar Martinell, disciple and friend of Antoni Gaudi. We were the first Cooperativa Agricola to use a Cathedral of Wine to elaborate vermouth besides wine and we have never stopped of doing so, using the same old big vats that welcome workers and visitors every day.