Add some Vermut Falset to...

Here you will find recipes, cocktails and pairings to enjoy your Vermut Falset.


How we drink Vermut Falset in Falset?

This is how we prepare our glass of Vermut Falset, you’ll see its very easy. 

Clams with white Vermut Falset

They are perfect to make the most of your aperitif or as a starter. Show your culinary skills to your guests with this easy to prepare recipe.

Learn how to prepare a "Vermujito"

Here you are the mythical recipe of our newly invented “Vermujito”. For summer days when you fancy having something fresh. Suitable at any time of the day.

Manhattan Cocktail with red Vermut Falset

Who says that Vermut Falset is only for midday? If you organize a dinner with some friends don’t hide your bottle of red Vermut Falset and give a twist to this classic cocktail.

Foie skewer with caramelized onion

A savory canape to accompany Red Vermut Falset and get an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Peaches roasted in vermouth

Why sofisticate a healthy and simple piece of fruit? Because youI like it and you have a bottle of red Vermut Falset at home!