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Lo Dolç Joglar - sweet Carignan

Lo dolç Joglar

For those looking for a unique and special wine.

Tasting notes

Colour: intense garnet with violet tones, very covered.

Nose: preserved fruits, accompanied by forest floor and a good balsamic point. Also minerality, nuts and spicy touches appear.

Palate: surprising in the first sip because of the lack of an expected sweetness that appears as it dissipates down the throat. Very balanced, intense, complex and persistent. High tannins in quantity and quality.

Food pairing

Pair Lo Dolç Joglar wine with blue cheese (Stilton, Roquefort, Cabrales) and cured cheese (e.g. goat). It also combines very well with chocolates (60-70% cocoa) with a touch of forest fruits (blueberries, raspberries).

Our suggestion: chocolate & almond croquant with a coulis of red fruits.

Serve slightly chilled.

Winemaking information

Produced only with Carinyena (Carignan) from a single vineyard more than 80 years old. We let it over ripe; if the weather does not allow this over ripeness, we do not produce Lo Dolç Joglar wine.

Once the Carignan arrives in the cellar, alcohol is added to stop the fermentation and maceration with the skins starts for about 20 days. During this period, pigeage is made every 8 hours, just as if it was fermenting and thus extract from the skin both aromas and sweet tannins and achieve the maximum intensity of color.

Once this is achieved, we press and we store it in French oak for a year. It is tasted each month checking its evolution, both in the nose and palate; when we find that the balance is the perfect one, without clarifying, it is bottled.

The production of this wine is very limited: no more of 6 barrels.

Analysis (2017)

Alcohol content: 15,5%

Total acidity: 4,5 g/L (TH2)

Total sugar: 217 g/L

Graduació : 

9 mesos de criança en bótes de roure francès.

9,00 €