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Ètim Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rich and complex: a real taste from Priorat

Ètim Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Arbequina variety olives.

It is a clear, green-coloured olive oil. Fruitiness and sweetness are its main attributes, balanced with green and spicy hints and a lasting almond after-taste.

Rated as "Extra" category because of its superior taste, aroma and color. Certificated by the Protected Denomination of Origin “Siurana”.


Ètim Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great as part of your daily diet. Season your salads, vegetables, carpaccios and other raw products or just dip a toast or a loaf of fresh bread. Grilled and roasted meat and fish get an extra taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a basic ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, making all dishes a lot tastier and healthier.

How is it made

Ètim Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made carefully. The olives are picked during the day by combing the branches and letting the olives fall onto special nets. The olives are taken on the same day to the mill, where leaves and sticks are removed.

Then they are put through a crusher mill to obtain a paste that is kneaded and finally centrifuged to obtain the olive juice, all it is made under cold temperatures.

Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice extracted by crushing the olives and in contrast of other vegetable oils no chemicals are used to obtain it.

Ètim Oli d’Oliva Arbequina Verge Extra

- 50 cl glass bottle (6 units/box)

- 75 cl glass bottle (6 units/box)

Oli d'oliva verge extra
6,00 €