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Our winery

  • We are more than just a company

    Our cooperative, founded in 1912, joins more than 250 families of grape growers who have lived in the villages of Falset and Marça for generations. We know and love every inch of this land intimately.

    We are committed to our project and are aware the difference our hard work throughout the year in the vineyards can make in terms of quality grapes. We all work our land carefully to obtain excellent grapes, which together with unusual climate and soils, help us to produce extraordinary wines.

    We are part of the D.O. Montsant, located in the county of Priorat, in southern Catalonia and not far from Barcelona. A rural and wildly Mediterranean tiny land, which is at the same time overtly cosmopolitan.

  • A wine for each moment

    We are able to extract the aromatic strength of our Grenaches and Carignans as well as other carefully selected grape varieties. We capture the intensity of our soils and climate during winemaking, which leave a distinctive imprint on our wines.

    Our wide range of wines it helps to find the perfect match for each moment. Have a look to our portfolio and make your choice.

  • cooperativa falset marçà
    Want to see where our wines are produced?

    The Cooperative winery building in Falset is one of the Cathedrals of Wine designed by the architect Cesar Martinell, disciple of Antoni Gaudi. The building, dating from 1919, is a jewel of Modernism, an exponent of the architectural heritage of rural Catalonia from those dates. From the great structural elements to the small details, the conception of this imposing building combines the beauty of the forms with the functionality for which it was built.

    Here is where Cooperativa Falset Marça still produces all the wines, and can be visited on guided tours all year round by appointment.