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Ètim Ranci

etim ranci

Etim Ranci: a traditional old wine made using the Solera methode

Winemaking Information

Etim Ranci is made from Grenache and Carinyena.The must is allowed to ferment spontaneously with natural grape yeasts and is left to soak with its skins for twenty days in order to achieve more volume and complexity. The wine is then racked to a series of demijohns and is exposed to day and night (sol i serena) on the winery’s roof terrace for a year. During this year the wine undergoes an oxidising aging process  and takes on amber tones and aromas of dried fruit and nuts. After this year the wine is passed to large 500 and 600 litre barrels where it is left to keep working for at least three years more. Every year a small quantity of the Ranci is taken out of the barrels and the wine in the demijohns is used to refill them. The barrels are never fully emptied and they keep their lees for many years. These lees give the wine its special flavours and characteristics.

Tasting Notes

Colour: deep amber colour with mahogany streaks, clean and bright.

Nose: aromas of roast hazelnuts, almonds, toasted bread and candied fruit as well as vanilla and cinnamon. In the background there is a hint of liquorice and aged wood.

Palate: It is potent and sturdy, balanced with good acidity and a long finish.

Food Pairing

Ètim Ranci it is traditionally taken with desserts and even for a late afternoon tipple, excellent with roasted nuts, fig cake or Victoria sponges, biscuits and all kinds of sweet pastries. It can also be an aperitif and with some prawns you can discover new nuances.

At around 16°C Ètim Ranci treats us to a fantastic aromatic experience.


Alcohol content: 16º

Total Acidity: 7.5 g/L

Residual Sugar: 0.0 g/L


91 points at Guia Peñin 2020

Garnatxa Negra, Carinyena.
Graduació : 

Criança oxidativa.

8,75 €